Madewell | NEW Spring Collection

Spring is here! When you’re ready to leave the house, Madewell will have you walking out in style. Look good, feel good, and Do Well – Madewell does all three. Shop now for the latest Spring Collection and order online at

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Madewell is a proud partner with Fair Trade USA to support safe, more planet-friendly factories and happier, more empowered people. For each Fair Trade Certified™ product, Madewell pays a Premium that goes directly to a Community Development Fund run by the people who make their clothes. Each factory has a democratically elected committee that votes on where this extra money goes—it could be for a daycare center, an on-site clinic, a cash bonus—it’s 100 percent up to them.

So, when you see a Fair Trade Certified™ label on Madewell jeans, it means they were made in certified factories that must meet rigorous social, environmental and economic standards. Better lives for employees and better quality products for you—it’s a win all around.